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Finding a Resale Timeshare in Hawaii

September 25th, 2022

Timeshares in Hawaii can be a great investment,Guest Posting especially if you find a nice resort on a nice beach. My wife and recently went to Maui for a two week vacation. It was absolutely gorgeous! And expensive. So we started to research ways that we could visit Hawaii more frequently without spending so much money on a resort. We did not want to stay in a lesser-quality resort nor was staying in a less expensive hotel “off-the-beach” an option for us. After all, when you vacation in Hawaii, you want to stay on the beach.

You have many options for investing in a time share in Hawaii. There are a whole list of companies that offer timeshares there. RCI is one of the world’s largest timeshare companies and they have properties all over the world. But the list of timeshare companies is rather large! Here is a sampling of some of the best known timeshares with properties in Hawaii:

• Aviawest Resort Club • Bluegreen Resorts • Celebrity Resorts • Club Intrawest • Club Navigo • Club Regina • Consolidated Resorts • Defender Resorts • Disney Vacation Club • Divi Resorts • Embassy Vacation Resorts • Escapes • Fairfield Resorts • Festiva Resorts • Four Seasons • Grand Pacific Resorts • Hilton Grand Vacations Club • Hyatt Vacation Club • ILX Premiere Vacation Club • Island One Resorts • MROP – ORE • Macdonald Resorts • Marriott • Mayan Resorts • Monarch Grand Vacations • Palace Resorts • Perennial Vacation Club • Pueblo Bonito • Raintree Vacation Club • Resort Condominiums International (RCI) • Royal Aloha Vacation Club • Royal Holiday • Royal Resorts • Shawnee Resorts • Shell Vacations Club • Silverleaf Resorts • Spinnaker Resorts • Starwood Vacation Ownership • Sunterra Resorts • Trendwest and WorldMark, The Club • Vacation Internationale • Welk Resort Group • Westgate Resorts

Another way to find a timeshare in Hawaii is to find a resale. This is a timeshare that is currently owned by an individual who wants to sell. You can find these by contacting a local real estate or time share company. They can sometimes find you a seller. There are also companies that specialize in resale timeshares. These companies can be found on the web by searching for “timeshare resale.” You will find dozens of companies. These companies work by taking a commission from the person selling the timeshare. For example, if you own a Disney Timeshare and you would like to sell it with a resale company, you would contact them. They would give your timeshare a value. Let’s use $10,000 as an example. They would find you a buyer who would purchase your $10,000 timeshare for perhaps $9,500. The resale company keeps the $500 as a commission. This is an excellent way to find a good deal on a timeshare!